Backing Queensland Jobs

The way your government buys goods and services is changing.

From September 1 there will be a huge shift with the Government priortising local workers and local suppliers whenever it builds or buys.

In the past people have had the view that the Queensland Government can’t give support to
local businesses when it comes to purchasing goods and services.

I have never agreed with this.

That’s why our government will make sure that local businesses get the inside rail on
government work and purchasing from now on.

The new Procurement Strategy Backing Queensland Jobs will do just that


Under the strategy the Government will be:

  • Giving priority to local suppliers who maintain workforces that usually reside within a 125km radius of where the goods or services are to be supplied
  • Using a weighting of up to 30 per cent to local business tendering for local work
  • Using local sub-contractors and manufacturers in significant projects worth more than $100 million
  • Delivering a more visible pipeline of opportunities for every Queensland business
  • Reducing complexity to help Queensland industry prepare for government tenders, and provide the resources to help them tender, and
  • Exempting contractors from the pre-qualification system for building contracts, and Information and Communication Technology suppliers from accreditation requirements, for contracts under $1 million.


Our new strategy will create jobs and boost local economies in every corner of the state and will put your interests ahead of the interests of people in Sydney, Melbourne and especially overseas.