Better Neighbourhoods Logan

06OCT16JH-1638.jpgNearly $1 billion in investment is set to be generated over the next 20 years under a new housing and neighbourhood revitalisation plan unveiled by the Palaszczuk Government.

The Better Neighbourhoods Logan initiative, a partnership between the Department of Housing and Public Works and Economic Development Queensland, will deliver a range of economic and social benefits including 410 new social and affordable dwellings over the next 5 years and over 3,000 new homes by 2036.

Better Neighbourhoods Logan is a real-world example of how the Palaszczuk Government’s vision of building safe, caring and economically sound communities can be realised.


This is landmark investment in Logan that will cement its position as one of south east Queensland’s most vibrant and livable cities.

Logan is my home and it is a diverse and dynamic place to live. It’s also one of the fastest growing cities in the country with the population expected to pass 500,000 by 2036 – we need to act now to build neighbourhoods for the future.

The approach is based on the Advancing our Cities and Regions strategy, which provides an ideal platform to look at surplus and underutilised government land in Logan and repurpose it to benefit the community.

This Government is leading by example to drive the change, the jobs and investment that will make Logan an even better place to live. We will partner with industry and services to make this a reality.

This investment is anticipated to support approximately 2,400 full-time jobs in the community for tradies and contractors over twenty years

Getting the housing mix right was important and the Government was working with the Logan City Council to promote investment in housing diversity and mixed-use communities.

Better Neighbourhoods allows us to address the changing needs of the community, through Government investment but to also draw on public-  private partnerships and developer-led projects to  deliver private accommodation and mixed use  developments.

The growing population of Logan will require a mix of options including low-cost and affordable homes  as well as houses for first-home buyers and professionals with young families.

Over the next month we will consult with key stakeholders through a market sounding initiative and also work closely with the Council and community groups, developers and investors to identify the first tranche of partnerships to enable construction to commence as soon as possible.

The Department of Housing and Public Works has been constructively engaging with stakeholders and that the Better Neighbourhoods plan reflected shared goals.

High concentration of public housing creates barriers to opportunity for disadvantaged people.

By coupling our new public housing projects with private development we will see the concentration of housing in Logan reduced to the state average of the next twenty years.

The key to our plan is coupling development with new jobs and services.

Not only will our construction program deliver 2,400 jobs in the community over twenty years, wider development will increase opportunities for local businesses to start up and grow.


This is about creating jobs now and jobs for the future.

Better Neighbourhoods is about more than just housing solutions, it is also focused on creating inclusive communities with better streetscapes, greater economic activity and a strong sense of community and place.

Better Neighbourhoods is a precinct-by-precinct approach to urban renewal.

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