Ministerial Statements - Social Housing


I am pleased to inform the House that across Queensland 396 companies have been awarded standing-offer arrangements to maintain and upgrade public housing between tenancies, which is a program of work worth more than $44 million annually. That investment makes sure that vulnerable Queenslanders, such as women and children escaping domestic and family violence, people with a disability and Queensland seniors, are able to move into homes that are safe and that are comfortable. When people move out of our homes, that work makes sure that the property is in shipshape condition for the next family.

I am informed that the 396 companies in this arrangement support jobs for 4,121 hardworking Queenslanders. This government is proud to be supporting them with an ongoing pipeline of maintenance work. Those jobs are right across the state. In Central Queensland, we are set to spend approximately $6 million on maintenance, with 93 local businesses a part of that arrangement. Likewise, we expect that in Townsville and North Queensland over $6 million will be invested, with 59 local businesses taking part. In Cairns and Far North Queensland, we anticipate a $3 million investment in this project, with 73 local businesses participating. In the Wide Bay-Burnett, 71 local businesses are participating, with a $1.4 million investment being made in the area. We have tradies who know their local areas, they know the people and they are working to make sure that their own communities are better places to live.

On top of the approximately 2,000 jobs supported by our capital program, this arrangement is another demonstration of this governments commitment to jobs right across Queensland. Over the past 12 months, my department has undertaken significant local industry engagement around procurement. More than 4,300 stakeholders, including small local businesses, have attended sessions about how to get involved in our governments capital and maintenance programs. We are committed to government-led housing, we are committed to local businesses and we are committed to jobs. This government is backing in jobs right across the state. 

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