Getting Paid in Full, On Time, Every Time


Palaszczuk Labor Government will take unprecedented, historic action to secure payment for subbies and tradies across this great state. 

This Labor Government will make sure that subbies get paid in-full, on-time and every time.

This is an historic economic reform, the most significant reform to the Queensland building and construction industry for generations.

We are backing in our state’s 69,000 subcontractors, small businesses who sit at the heart of our $44 billion construction industry.

This reform has been a long time coming for construction industry.

And in all that time, so much damage has been done to subbies and tradies and their families.

Marriages have busted up. People have lost their homes and been left living in their cars.

Subbies like John and Kylie have lost $390k in non-payment since October 2013. And they’ve struggled through what hasn’t been an easy time.

Valuable, local economic investment is drying up.

According to the Deloitte report comprehensive action on security of payment could increase employment by 1,089 full-time jobs in average annual terms, increasing Gross State Product by up to $6.42 billion over twenty years.

This Government is backing people like John and Kylie to be drivers of our construction industry.

We are preparing legislation to introduce project bank accounts on all construction projects over $1 Million, commencing from January 1 2019.

And we will be setting a foundation for these reforms by commencing PBAs on all government projects between $1M and $10M from January 2018.

Our reform package will also include comprehensive changes to BCIPA, levelling the playing field for subbies in disputes.

Our historic reforms will benefit all Queenslanders, strengthening our economy by putting construction on the level.

But even if the economic impact of these changes were zero, they would still, fundamentally, be the right thing to do.

I'm hosting a local consultation session on the Building Plan for you to come a long and discuss these reforms and much more.

You can find details of the event here.

The details of the various presentations at the session are below. Feel free to attend as many as you like.

Room 1

3.00pm: Working with government - tips and tricks to help win building and construction work

3.30pm: Plumbing and Drainage Act reform - streamlining processes and protecting public safety

4.15pm: Licensing reform - simplifying and modernising the approach to licensing

5.15pm: Security of Payment and Project Bank Accounts - helping to ensure payment in full, on time, every time

Room 2

3.00pm: Liveable housing - increasing the uptake of design features to make homes more accessible and liveable for people with disability or with mobility issues

3.30pm: Inclusive communities - helping make our communities more inclusive for people with profound disabilities

4.00pm: Queensland Housing Code and Reconfiguring a Lot - applying consistent assessment rules across Queensland

5.00pm: Sustainable buildings - improving the sustainability performance of our homes and buildings

6.00pm: Home Warranty Scheme - improving the Scheme and insurance cover for residential construction work